Looking for quick decor for spring (or any time)?  Sometimes it just takes switching out a few simple pieces of decor to get season ready and who doesn’t love a farmhouse sign?!

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I’ll show you a quick way to put together a farmhouse sign you will love + some fun ways to style it in four super easy steps.  

Bonus:  I’ll show you how to use a vintage stamp to add a design element that will make your farmhouse sign extra special.

Ok, let’s get to it…



Do a little searching on Pinterest for “funny farmhouse quotes” or “spring farmhouse quotes”…whatever you are feeling for your sign, to get some ideas…or come up with your own!

do more of what makes you happy farmhouse sign

Not feeling it today?  Go ahead and just use mine and call it a day…it’s ok, I won’t tell ;).  + they are free (for your personal use)…download them here:


It’s going to BLOW your mind how simple this is, and you just might fall in love with this app as well (I for sure have).  You can do this on your phone on their app, but I prefer to work on my desktop while using this particular app- Canva.com.  I’m not getting paid to say this (swear), I just stinking love this app.  Using their FREE version will work just fine. Once in the app do the following:

  1. Click “Create a design”
  2. Click “Use custom dimensions”
  3. In the grey dropdown menu, change “px” to “in” for inches.
  4. Assuming you are using a standard printer with standard paper size, enter “8.5” for width and “11” for height and then click on “Design!”
  5. You will now have a white canvas ready for creating!  Click on the “Text” tab and click or drag the text you would like to use in your design.  You can change the size, font or color of your text using the menus above your design. You can move your text by dragging it.  PRO TIP: you can change the text alignment to the right side of your sign by clicking the button above your design to the right of the italics button that looks like four horizontal lines.
  6. Once you have your design how you would like it, click “download” and select file type “PDF – Print”, then click “download”.  PRO TIP: your document will automatically save as you go!
  7. Click “save as” and save your document to your desktop or another place you will remember.


I recommend using white cardstock to get a more professional look, but you could even use standard white paper in a pinch!  Once you have your paper loaded, print as you would normally print!


Styling is the really fun part to make your design POP with your farmhouse decor!  A few of my favorites to try…

  • Use a vintage pants hanger to hang your sign from
  • Clip on a vintage clipboard and hang the clipboard or prop up on a shelf
  • Use a magnet clip and attach to an old piece of corrugated metal
  • Hang twine with tacks and then hang your sign with clothespins next to a few dried flowers and favorite photographs
  • Use washi tape to attach anywhere and easily remove when ready to move on to your next decor inspiration
  • Framing is of course a classic way to display anything…I’d recommend a vintage frame, of course 😉


Even though I’m showing you this bonus last- you will actually add this in to step two, the design stage, BEFORE your print out your sign.  That will allow you to position and size your image to your liking!

The steps are:

  1. Using your favorite vintage stamp, use black ink and stamp your design onto white paper.  BONUS TIP: When you aren’t using them, vintage stamps look A-MAZ-ING displayed in your farmhouse décor!
  2. Using as much natural light as you can (but not direct sunlight…i.e. take it indoors)…take a photo of your stamp imprint, I use my iPhone camera for this!
  3. Use your favorite editing app to brighten the photo so the background is as white as possible without washing out your design.  PRO TIP: If you don’t have one, try my favorite Colorstory.  I absolutely love this free app…try the free filter “essentials” and then choose “pop”.  Caution: your mind may again be blown ;)!
  4. Once you have your photo the way you want it, crop it so just the design shows then upload it to your computer.
  5. In Canva, click on the “uploads” tab and then “upload your own images”.  Find your image of your stamp imprint and upload it to Canva.
  6. Drag your vintage stamp design and position it on your sign and voila- an awesome and original farmhouse sign made by you!  Yay!!
  7. Now your design is ready to print and style as recommended in steps three and four!

Super easy, right?  Tell us how you displayed your farmhouse sign in the comments, below!  I’d love to know!

-Traci XO

P.S. In case you missed it, you can also get my FREE farmhouse sign right here: