A couple years ago, I stumbled upon the estate sale of a man who owned a sign shop in a town nearby for over 50 years.  

He was well known and loved by his community so when I learned about him and had the opportunity to own some of his treasured craft…I jumped on it!  

I had already been drawn to the amazing wood letters known as letterpress, but this ignited a passion to collect and make available to the general public these amazing pieces of history.  I may or may not have a private stash that grows by the week ;)! But, I do share!  

It makes me happy every time one of my customers snatches up some of these beauties for themselves and experiences the joy of seeing a name, date or message that means something personal to them in their own homes or gives that gift to someone they care about.  

These things are awesome…there’s just no getting around it!

Without further ado, here are five of my favorite ways to use them in your home {plus other bonus surprise places shhhh ;)}…enjoy!  

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Of course they would look amazing this way {heart}! 

Vintage letterpress letters were typically stored in wood or metal type cabinets…which are a whole other dreamy treasure of a find. 

The drawers, though, can be hung up on or lean against a wall, atop a mantel or dresser, for example.  

Their intended cubbies- so stinking cute- can be the perfect place to put your letterpress blocks.  The two go together like peanut butter & jelly…and for good reason! Just make sure to measure your spaces and get blocks that will fit your drawer!  

Personalizing your space is one of the best ways to make your house a HOME- the lovely Kristi of French Creek Farmhouse knew just that when she had a vision to incorporate vintage touches via letterpress to her rural farmhouse…definitely check out more of her blog here…you will love it!  

Here is what she created with vintage letterpress:

home letterpress letters in a letterpress drawer with wreath

Turn your letterpress drawer vertically for another point of view…I LOVE YOU MOST!  

I love you most letterpress letters on vintage letterpress drawer          


Maybe a no brainer…but these guys look so so great just sitting on a shelf or on your mantel.  

When it makes sense, you can stack them vertically (this works best for small words). Or just line them up and you are good to go.  

Try having fun with props…play around with them until they look just right!

Stack some books and nest your letterpress letters on top.  Or with the pages side of the books faced outward, place the blocks in front using the books as a backdrop.  

hello and love in letterpress decor        


Having a baby shower- YOU HAVE GOT to sprinkle some of these around.  “IT’S A GIRL!”…that new perfect baby name you can’t get enough of {check}…due date…these are all possible with vintage letterpress!  

Weddings- yes yes yes!  Your wedding date, “I DO”, MR & MRS (or MR & MR or MRS & MRS ;)) so and so…the potential is literally endless!  

#exceptforhashtags 🙁 . Hashtags would be awesome to have at weddings (and other things), but unfortunately I have never seen one made of vintage letterpress- boo! I guess there was no love for the pound sign!



Guys, this one is for you…JUST KIDDING…this is 2018…this is for any brave soul with a soulmate, duh ;)!  

Ask him/her to marry you with vintage letterpress…ummm, yesss please!  Picture the surprise…“WILL YOU MARRY ME [INSERT SOULMATE’S NAME]?”…on the table setting…on the bed…in the hotel room decorated in preparation.    

Or, be a rebel…instead say it like “BE MINE FOREVER?”…”BE THE YING TO MY YANG ALWAYS, YO?”…ok maybe not that last one hahaha.  But, the point is, you *could* if you wanted to! 🙂  

Doing it in vintage letterpress will forever commemorate the moment and you’ll have them to glance at in your home…where you will proudly display them…to remind you of that special moment and the reason you picked your person to be your person for all of time…’cause that’s how long your marriage is going to last…of course!!

marry me vintage letterpress        


There are many ways to do this and you don’t necessarily need glue or any special design skills.   If you are S U P E R patient and part miracle worker, you can put them together like puzzle pieces.  

I’m not the best at this so I’m not going to tell you to go out and do it ha, but you could! People do- freakin magicians! LOL

Make a random collage and attach them right to the wall!  

Collect one letter…like the initial of your last name or your kid’s name, and group them together in a collage or next to each other.  

Then there’s my favorite…mix them up with different print media (like vintage stamps) on little cubby shelves.

vintage letterpress and print media collage    

I hope you enjoyed learning how to incorporate vintage letterpress into your home and your life!    

When it comes to these amazing type blocks, you don’t always have to go big…they speak loudly for themselves even in small amounts and sizes!  

-Traci XO  

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