Before we begin, let me make one thing clear.  I have never decorated my table for Thanksgiving or really any holiday or any time…for any reason…ever.  Not, that is, with real plates and silverware and looking all fancy lol.

Sure I’ve thrown up a cardboard centerpiece or a seasonal platter and maybe even some mason jar candles.  Never have I ever thought I could throw something like I did together.  And friend, if I can do it you can do it too…as cliche as that sounds.  I super promise!

My kids were shocked, my hubby impressed.  Let’s keep it real though, I had to tell them “no you can’t sit at your place setting and actually use it…even though it literally has your name on it” haha.  Not until I get my pics for the challenge, at least!

Then, we shall fancy feast {that’s a thing, right?}…and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!  Just the benefits of having a famous blogger for a mom.  Or, a mom who blogs about things that may or may not have been owned by someone famous at some point …ya one of those :)!

So the challenge…my friend Kristi from French Creek Farmhouse challenged myself and some other amazing bloggers to bring you a full week of inspiring Thanksgiving tablescapes.  How cool is that!?  I was like, sure I can do it.  It was kind of a commit now, figure it out later sort of deal.

I’ve been really busy getting everything ready for the holidays for you, truth be told, but I thought this would be something you would really enjoy!

Each day this week, Kristi will be featuring 4 talented bloggers on her blog and her Instagram who also created swoonworthy Thanksgiving tablescapes.  So even if mine isn’t your thing, you’ve got options!  Today is my day…enjoy!

So here’s what I thought when I started on this challenge.  There HAS TO BE vintage, because duh.  I also wanted to incorporate something creative, because creating is the best :).  My next logical thought was to use my vintage stamp collection to make something truly whimsical and fun.

Last but far from least, I knew I wanted to use vintage letterpress to make a statement.

It started with these ideas…and four white baby pumpkins.

And that, my friend, is what led me to 5 Steps to Your DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape!

Oh ya, I created a cheat sheet for you, so you can have everything you need to create your own DIY vintage farmhouse Thanksgiving tablescape in one hand dandy fillable download…you can snag that right here:


It’s fall y’all.  It made perfect sense to me to use something cozy for a tablecloth.

I have absolutely fallen in love with Turkish towels.   Over the summer I had purchased a new set for our family vacay to use during our water play for the week.  During the same purchase, I ordered a set of slightly softer Turkish towels to replace my hubby’s and my bath towels that had…let’s just say…been a little well loved.

Here’s the thing, the thinner Turkish towels are so super absorbent even though you wouldn’t think they would be.  The softer ones though, NOT so absorbent.  However, they are adorable as heck and make the perfect light couch throws and…who knew, tablecloths!

To summarize:

Thinner Turkish towels = bath or beach towels

Thicker/softer Turkish towels = throws or tablecloths

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape Vintage overview

The patterns and colors you can find the Turkish towels in are also so adorbs and perfect for farmhouse decor!  I am using a herringbone pattern in black and white, of course ;)!

I wanted to show some of my table, because I just love the wood grain and the amazing craftsmanship.  Shout out to the local artisan that made my dream table!

Placing the tablecloth at an angle was the perfect way to accomplish that while adding interest and contrast.  I also wanted to show off the cute tassel detail!

You could also try folding it and using it lengthwise as a runner.

I just love, love the cozy warmth feeling it gives and that is perfect for creating an intimate gathering place for your family and friends.

While we are talking cozy, why not add a complimentary pillow or two!  I used one I had on hand that coordinated with my black and white color scheme.



If you are lucky enough to be close to a good thrift store, take a quick look in the dishes section for hidden vintage ironstone treasures.  It took me a while to get a collection together, but if you are persistent and have the time…you just may get lucky.

If time and patience isn’t your jam {totally get it}, Etsy is where you are going to want to go to find white Ironstone of all kinds!

Here’s the thing…ironstone is timeless, it’s made to last and it is more gorgeous than I can put in to words.  Mix and match it to create a tablescape of your dreams without even having to try ANY time of the year!

Pro tip: When you have the basics on hand, you can always change it up just enough for any season or any occasion without having to invest in several dish sets.  Who has the storage for that anyway!? 🙂

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape White Ironstone Place Setting

A little goes a long way.  I only had a few pieces so I threw in some non-ironstone and some bowls instead of small plates and even covered up a pattern on a couple of the plates so the white was the featured color.  You honestly can’t go wrong when you have some authentic pieces to lead with.

The cake stand in the middle was a steal from Homegoods.  Love that place {shh, don’t tell ;)}!  I’m a true believer in mixing old with new which is the lesson here.

When you are setting a table, layering is a way to ten-fold the interest factor.  You can use a charger underneath the big plate, but I chose to skip that step.  The variety and the uniqueness of the different ironstone pieces added enough classic interest to speak for itself.

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape White Ironstone Place Setting



Ever since I started using vintage stainless steel silverware, I just can’t fathom using anything else.  I love the detail of each piece & how they coordinate together even though they are from different sets.

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape stainless steel vintage silverware

Like vintage stoneware, or pretty much anything vintage if I’m being honest, they are made to last FOREVER!  I don’t go to any special measures to clean them or make them shine, they just do!  That didn’t sound quite right…I do wash them in the dishwasher lol!  The imperfections that do show are what I think makes them look so unique.

I tied a fork and spoon pair together with twine for one side of the place setting and then placed a knife on the other side.  Again, no two pieces match and the resulting character is to die for!

The other great thing about using vintage metal, is it doesn’t have to match.  You can use brass with sterling silver and it only adds to the amazingness.

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape White brass tea kettle centerpiece

I wanted a focal piece that said Fall/Thanksgiving but in a non overpowering way.  When I found the vintage brass tea kettle I loved that it had a pumpkin-like shape and it didn’t take me long to realize I could nestle a little succulent in the top for centerpiece perfection!

When I decorate for a holiday, understated is more my speed.  The four mini pumpkins were just enough “Thanksgiving” without detracting from the naturally beautiful vintage elements of the table setting.

I rounded the centerpiece out with a pair of vintage serving spoons and a mini preserved boxwood white potted tree.



I started with just the succulent and preserved boxwood as my touch of nature in this tablescape.  However, when I finished decorating I didn’t feel like it was quite complete.

Here you can see a “before” picture to see what I mean:

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape before greenery

I could have trucked myself to a Michael’s or other craft store to pick up some artificial greenery…but it’s a long truck for me and really, nature is all around us.

So I went with weeds LOL.  Ok, part of it might have been an actual plant, but I just went with what I could find in my yard that looked fall-ish.  I bundled a few things, tied it all together with some twine, then snipped here and there with a regular pair of scissors to trim them up for that final touch of nature!

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape Greenery up close

I made four “arrangements” and placed them on top of each place setting.  I have to say, I was pretty impressed with how it turned out!

Fair warning: if you have a cat like I do, be careful what you choose in this step…turns out our cat was super drawn to these plants and wanted to eat them!  Oh, cat!

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape after greenery

Much better #amiright?  That one little change made a huge difference!



OK, step five is my favorite because it’s where you really get to let your creativity shine!

As I mentioned earlier, I knew I wanted to incorporate vintage letterpress in my design.  I chose the words “Thankful” & “Grateful” in a 1 5/16″ size and placed them at opposite sides of the centerpiece to balance out the focal point.  The wood contrasted wonderfully giving a pop of surprise to the overall design!

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape vintage letterpress word grateful

Eclectic mixes of different fonts are always a great way to add additional interest.  It’s also fun to mix sizes depending on your project.  I love finding more and more ways to use vintage letterpress to personalize my space!

To add an additional uniqueness to my tablescape, I turned to vintage dictionary pages and my vintage stamp collection.

I added vintage dictionary pages for a layering effect, but there’s a hidden Easter egg {wrong holiday, I know ;)}.  I chose pages that had a word to represent something I am thankful for so each place setting has a truly special thoughtful message.

On this page you can see the word family, something I am most thankful for!

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape vintage dictionary page

Other pages had the words “health”, “home” and “love”.

I also lined the top of the cake stand centerpiece with three random vintage dictionary pages to repeat & carry the design.

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape dictionary pages in centerpiece

I used my vintage picture stamps in turkeys and wheat designs on the vintage dictionary pages to further pull in the theme.  I varied the stamps on each place setting.

Finally, I used tiny vintage alphabet stamps to stamp each person’s name onto a metal tag so they would have a special designated place.  I attached the tag to the fork and spoon combo with the same piece of twine.

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape vintage wood stamps

As the final touch to my Thanksgiving tablescape, because background counts, my youngest daughter drew me a “Give Thanks” design on our chalkboard wall.

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape Give Thanks Chalkboard Wall Design

Confession, we had our Christmas design up on the chalkboard wall all year long that both my daughters drew because it was really, really cool and I just couldn’t bring myself to take it down.  They were ready though, totally fine with it coming off…and it was time! 🙂

For funsies, here’s the Christmas themed chalkboard wall they made me last year {all the heart eyes}:

christmas tree chalkboard wall

One more look at my Thanksgiving tablescape from above…

Rustic Eye DIY Vintage Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape Vintage overview

As you can see, having just a few basic vintage elements, you can create a tablescape for Thanksgiving or any time of year that will make even your own heart swoon!

Add your own creative touches {or steal mine ;)} to give it that extra special something that will make all your guests feel special and loved!

What are you going to include in your Thanksgiving tablescape this year?  Comment below, I’d love to hear!



Thankful for YOU, friend!

-Traci XO




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