Live This Way Mission

Inspiring beautiful homes and empowering beautiful lives.

My Story

Why beautiful?  It’s the feeling I get when I’m driving through the countryside and see a baby cow sitting next to his mama in the fields with rolling green hills in the background.  It’s simply beautiful.cows in a green meadow with hills in the background

Everyone has moments in their lives that just feel beautiful…and in that moment everything feels right.  It’s my goal to evoke those feelings in your home and in your life by inspiring you to strive for your best you, while not overlooking the beauty in today.

I’m a wife and a mom of three not so little, littles.  I left my cushy corporate job to pursue my vintage decor business full time and have more time and flexibility for my family.

What I’ve discovered along the way is what I’m really meant to be doing…what has always been at my core which is my desire to lead, teach and guide others to live beautiful lives.

“It means keeping a promise I made to a young girl, as she has kept the one she made to me. Loving her has been, and will continue to be, the great adventure of my life.  She is my Goddess, my Queen, my Confidant, and my Confessor.  I don’t know who, or what, I am to her. I do know that when I let my love for her flow, and just love her, she smiles, dances, and sees the world as a beautiful and wondrous place. Or, rather, maybe that is how I come to see it, when I see her smile. It means embracing the good in my life, and knowing that the challenges I face are more easily conquered when I keep my faith in who I am, and trust in the people I love.  It means staying on the right and proper path.  It means Live this way.”

Those are my best friend’s {aka my husband’s} words when answering the question “What does Live This Way mean to you?”  I wouldn’t be where I am today and able to start this community of inspiration without him.  Thank you, Sean…I love your words.

After decades of living in metropolitan areas, two years ago we moved out of the city to embrace small town country living.  Shortly thereafter is when I started pursing my vintage farmhouse decor business, Rustic Eye, full time.  Becoming completely encased in the beauty of nature, I felt in my element.white flower fields

I wanted to shout to the World how alive it made me feel and to tell everyone to go find this feeling in their lives, too.

Live This Way sprouted from that feeling and started as a simple design I imagined and began to hand stencil onto my one-of-a kind upcycled products.  I fell in love with the simplicity of the design and the message behind it…and my customers seemed to love it, too.  I was determined to find a way to share the message in a global way.

Live This Way is not meant to be preachy or about one way of living, but rather to provide a platform for expression.  It’s about being proud of and appreciating your accomplishments today and inspiring others to do the same.

When you wear a Live This Way product or display one in your home, my hope is that you’ll be reminded of what you love about your life now and to reach further for what you want in life in the future.

My mission is to inspire beautiful homes and empower beautiful lives by providing plenty of design support and tips, DIY tutorials, inspirational lifestyle articles, amazing free resources, and a supporting community! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time out of your day to spend it with me and the rest of the Live This Way community.

What does Live This Way mean to you?

-Traci XO

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