5 Essential Vintage Farmhouse Must Haves for Beginners!

by | Jun 7, 2017



Hi, my name is Traci and I’m addicted to Joanna Gaines!

It’s true.  It’s probably why I am right here, right now, today.  That lady inspires me!  So, let’s get to it.  My list of the 5 essential vintage farmhouse must haves for beginners.  Cause, ya gotta start somewhere and I want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck!  Think, BIG impact!!


vintage crates


These come in so many shapes and sizes…but they are big and versatile and if you get really lucky and you have some time to search you can find one on the cheap. 

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So, now you have your crate- what do you do with it?  Here is a mini list to get your creativity started:

  • Anchor it to the wall for a great shelf- great for the bathroom or anywhere!
  • Put some rolling castors on it for the most amazing storage ever- think, kids toys!
  • A small side table if the size is right- flip it on its end or stack a couple
  • In your entry way to stash shoes
  • Stack two rows of two or three to make cubbies “mud-room” style
  • Slide under a bed or coffee table for storage (castors optional)


vintage baskets


One warning, be picky about which baskets you acquire because they are a dime a dozen at any thrift store…but if you find the right basket you will not regret it.  One of the very cutest trends I’ve seen lately with baskets is to use round woven flattish baskets and group them together hanging on a wall for an amazing artistic focal point!  Another favorite is to use apple baskets as storage.  Paint a stripe on an old basket for character…just tape off with painters tape and carefully dab the stripe area using a little paint at a time.

You can use baskets for organizing, storage, and/or display!  Try using an old locker basket to hold books on shelves.  Use a large woven basket to hold firewood…attach a small chalkboard and you’ve got storage with style!  Try stenciling three vintage baskets of similar style with the numbers 1, 2 and 3!  Beat that, Target 😉 (just kiddin Target, I love you! LOL)!  Tobacco baskets are all the rage for farmhouse décor- if you find one snag it for sure!


enamelware pitcher


Vintage enamelware came about in the early 1900’s to coat metals making it easier to clean.  It comes in a multitude of colors, but if you are getting started you could try white with black trim for the perfect blend in your farmhouse décor.  Some of my favorite ideas are to use an enamelware pitcher on your counter to hold cooking utensils, or to hold your flower arrangement on your kitchen table.  They also look great displayed on farmhouse kitchen open shelves.  How about placing a small enamelware bowl in your bathroom to hold soap or a larger bowl to hold string or other craft supplies?  You get the idea!  Bonus- you can use them as intended as well as long as the condition warrants it.  You don’t have to limit them just for décor!


wood salvage building


There’s something just so amazing about wood reclaimed from old buildings, maybe because we just don’t make things like we used to anymore…with such detail.  Often referred to as architectural salvage, we can now sometimes get lucky enough to find old wood pieces like finials, spindles, and corbels to add a design element with texture and character like no other!

So now you’ve acquired some of these great pieces, what to do with them?  Really you can just lay these out in your vignettes and call it a day.  If you are looking to get really creative, how about nailing a corbel to the wall to use as a small shelf.  Or attach two and place a wood plank on top for a longer shelf.  Use thick spindles as candle holders.  Hang spindles and finials directly on your gallery wall for one of a kind style!


vintage letterpress


OK, this one is even ahead of Joanna Gaines!  Trust me, she’ll be integrating vintage letterpress in her décor soon enough ;).  Using vintage letterpress for décor is one of my absolute favs for a couple reasons.

  • First, the story behind them.  I just love how vintage letterpress captures a piece of our history before all the techy stuff came to be…originating in the 1400’s!  These amazing letters were put together on special machines and inked up to create signs, posters and more!  You can read all about it here!
  • Second, their unique look.  I prefer the wood pieces and tend to keep my Etsy shop stocked with them!  I also adore the wood pieces topped with copper or another metal.  They also come in all metal, including lead…which I personally try to stay away from and you should take special care with them if you have little ones.  They range in colors due to the ink and age and amount of ware.

I love mixing sizes and styles to spell out a word or phrase.  It’s just so much fun!  I know you will have a blast incorporating vintage letterpress into your everyday or holiday farmhouse décor.


I’d love to hear from you!  Comment below to let me know what you think and/or if you have something specific YOU need help with!

Have a great day, friends!

-Traci XO

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